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Janet Metzger
Location Decatur, United States
Experience Level
26-70 Audiobooks
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Janet’s Roles
  • Actor
  • Narrator
  • Director
Janet’s Skills
  • Accents
  • Business
  • Fiction
  • History
  • Lit Fiction
  • Memoir
  • Musician
  • Nonfiction
  • Romance
  • Southern accents
  • Teaching
  • Theatre acting
  • Thrillers
  • TV/Film Actor
About Janet

Janet Metzger brings her considerable acting talent to the depiction of setting and illumination of character. Her keen musical ear and attention to detail enable her to depict a wide array of accents, especially the many dialects of rural and urban regions of the Southeastern U.S. An award-winning documentary narrator, Janet brings both warmth and authority to non-fiction as well. Whether she is narrating a Southern Romance, a heroine's journey or real life thriller, Metzger's warm and alluring voice will draw the listener into your story with authenticity. Janet is a non-fiction natural. With a talent for empathy, ... more she can convey the passion of the non-fiction writer in history, business, and other genres. She is an experienced teacher with over 18 years as an adjunct professor at Emory University School of Law teaching artful advocacy and storytelling using theater arts. An experienced live performer, she is tuned to the needs of audiences. Singing and acting on stage since the age of 14, Janet has a keen sense of what is needed to hold someone's attention. Subtext!! ​ Janet is adept at delivering authentic accents and is adept at learning to realistically speak in foreign languages. She earned a music degree in voice at Florida State where she was classically trained in French and Italian art songs and German lieder. She continued her exploration of foreign language songs, singing in Russian and Eastern European languages as well as Portuguese and Spanish. She has the ability to match accents as well as her own recordings, even those done years earlier. ​ Janet makes dense language understandable and entertaining. She studied acting at Atlanta's acclaimed Alliance Theatre and racked up classical credits in Shakespeare, Ibsen, Moliere and Goethe in theaters in the region. Contemorary credits include many works of Tennessee Williams, Arthur Miller​, Becket and Peter Shaffer. ​ Janet has a strong sense of comedic timing. She worked for 10 years as the zany singing comedienne, “Bambola,” vocalist of The DeLuxe Vaudeville Orchestra (a touring variety show band). She can spin plates. Really. Janet can find and deliver the musicality of a text. After her classical singing, she segued into jazz, interpreting the Great American Songbook and recording two solo vocal jazz albums. Her musical exploration continues as she delves deeper into vocal improvisation, studying with a protege of Bobby McFerrin. ​ less

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Featured Works
  • Southern Storytelling
    Genre(-s): Fiction - Literary/General
    Gender/Age: Female - Adult
    Base Accent: American
    Dialects: American - Southern
    Keywords: 3rd person narration, southern accents, historical fiction,
  • 20th c. American Political History
    Genre(-s): Nonfiction - General
    Gender/Age: Female - Adult
    Base Accent: American
    Dialects: American - Standard
    Keywords: non-fiction, Nixon, Ford, 25th Amendment, 1st person
  • Contemporary Southern Women's Ficti
    Genre(-s): Fiction - Literary/General
    Gender/Age: Female - Adult
    Base Accent: American
    Dialects: American - Southern
    Keywords: 3rd person, dialogue, southern accents, Southern coastal