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Kasey Logan
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13 Feb 2023
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Kasey Logan lived in a “normal” town. It had the normal number of lakes for a town in Michigan (34 of varying sizes), the normal amount of seasonal snowfall, (36 inches of varying wetness), 8 dollar stores, 7 thrift stores, 2 libraries, 1 annual parade and well, you get the idea.

Yes the town Kasey Logan grew up in and now lived in was obscenely normal. Not quaint, not cozy, not Hallmark Sappy Rom Com Worthy, but normal. And this is not to say that normal was bad or that she disliked it; just that the day in and day out of life for Kasey, her husband, 4 children, 2 dogs and 1 very grumpy cat was (what so many people in destitute and dangerous situations long for): average, status quo, ordinary, common, customary and oh so conventional. The thesaurus of course goes on but I won’t bother to list any additional synonyms for a plain word such as the one we are currently discussing. I believe you get the point that life was ever so normal, for Kasey, until of course, the day it wasn’t.

It started with being hired to narrate the mishaps, mayhem, and murders, that took place in the small New England town of Sweetfern Harbor. Kasey became, Brenda a former Midwestern resident with the surprise inheritance of a bed and breakfast. Brenda of course was normal, but the town, the quirky characters and the crime rate, like all good cozy mysteries, made the experience of narrating her first cozy mystery series anything but.

And every time she would sit down to pre-read her manuscript or sit down in her booth to record it felt like coming home after a very long and exhausting trip, as it so very often is when reading a wonderful story. She was taken back to when her grandmothers introduced her to Nancy Drew, Agatha Christie, and the cat who had far too many books to count. It became impossible to divorce the books from the warm propinquity of the memories.

It of course then, shouldn’t have been surprising when there was a rekindling of something that she had forgotten, but once it began it was nearly impossible to stop. Because somewhere in the very middle of normal, Kasey found the seeds of passion which grew and filled her life to the very core.

And while there are many genres of books, that she enjoys narrating, the romantic, factual, science fiction and every fantasy book in between: there is something about coming home to that small town, with the quirky hardware store owner, a festival every month and an insanely high homicide rate, that makes her love bringing murders to life.

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