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Chris Abernathy
Written on
14 Oct 2019
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I was the theater major who wouldn't perform on stage. Why? I couldn't memorize the lines. Memorization has been my biggest hurdle in life - the reason I couldn't learn a foreign language even though my mother was fluent in French (a professional secretary in Paris!) and my wife taught French. Imagine my joy when I discovered that I could perform audiobooks with my script in front of me! I could even go back and do a line again, as often as I liked, without messing anyone else up. Game changer! I now perform on my own like stage every day, telling hundreds of stories that will always be there for anyone who wants to listen. 

The greatest pleasure in my audiobook career happened when I discovered that my audiobooks were also allowing others to jump their own hurdles. People who loved stories but were unable to read due to dyslexia and other issues have discovered audiobooks and my performances are opening the doors for them to share in the same great stories I love. 

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