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29 Jan 2024
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My journey as a Voice Over journey began at the age of 14 when I took on my first job at the community center in Harlem, New York. Tasked with reading children's stories to the young ones, it was during this job that I obtained my social security card.

Upon entering Cornell University on a Pre-scholarship, I stumbled upon the campus radio station that served the Ithaca, New York area. Breaking barriers, I became the first Black female DJ at radio station WVBR FM within four months of my arrival.

After graduating, my path led me to Washington, DC, where I started as a news assistant at an ABC affiliate. Over time, I transitioned to become a broadcast salesperson, lending my voice to clients for radio and television commercials. Recognized for my voice akin to a female Morgan Freeman—credible, natural, and easy-going—I also gained acclaim for my Caribbean voice performances described as earthy, warm, soulful, textured, and exotic tropical.

In the late '80s, I achieved back-to-back Achievement in Radio Awards in Washington, DC. Upon relocating to Los Angeles, I signed with the SBV Talent agency and delved into animation work on shows like Rugrats, Batman, Captain Planet, Ghostbusters, New Kids, and Monsters.

For 15 years, I played various characters, including Dr. Cotton, as a lead cast member on the Tom Joyner Morning Show's radio drama "It's Your World." After a hiatus from entertainment, during which I earned a teaching credential and a master's in education, I returned to the industry, resigning just before the onset of COVID.

Embracing my passion for acting and voice-over, I rediscovered audiobooks as a viable career during the pandemic. Awarded a scholarship in 2020, From the Global Actors program. I learned audiobook narration and embarked on projects like Penguin Random House's "Dreaming In Cuban" and its follow-up, "Vanishing Maps."

My recent ventures include podcast dramas like "The Cofounder" (REALM) and "The Lower Bottoms" (iHeart Radio), where I played Grandma Di and Gangster Mom Angela, respectively, with Will Packer as the executive producer.

Armed with experience as a stand-up comedian, I infuse my voice performances with humor and improvisation, proving beneficial for looping or ADR work. Recognized for my character voices, I was a winner on America's Funniest People in the early '90s and appeared on BET's Comic View and Show Me the Funny.

My hobbies are salsa and hip-hop dancing, exercise, roller skating, theater, movies and Comedy clubs and watching gymnastic or ice skating tournaments. I am active in my church Oasis LA

I enjoy narrating children’s books inspirational messages, Christian stories, poetry and working on ensemble projects.

Currently represented by Innovative Artist New York, I am a vested member of SAG-AFTRA. Hailing from a Cuban Black Jamaican family, my roots trace back to Harlem, New York. For more details about my VO career, you can explore my website at

As a producer, I am the founder the executive producer of Heaven-Sent Productions, producing and directing the award-winning documentary film “Keeping the Faith With Morrie.”

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