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Rich Palmer
Written on
04 May 2023
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In an industry where competition exists, the atmosphere can often be tense, even combative. I've noted these past few years that voice-over professionals often cast this aside. There seems to be an understanding that the projects available to the community aren't for every voice, they are for the RIGHT voice. It says a lot about the community when people know when to step aside from a role they know they don't fit. Even better, many often refer a potential client to a talent that appears to be a better fit. This altruistic approach to supporting each other is making this a strong and productive community.

Organizations such as the National Association of Voice Actors (NAVA) and the Professional Audiobook Narrators Association (PANA) were started to support the individuals working in this profession. They work to help others improve their craft, to provide support services (even insurance options with NAVA), and to encourage and support diversity, inclusion, and equity. These associations were started by top-notch voice actors who not only excel in their work but strive to help others succeed, too. 

There is also a multitude of successful voice actors that offer valuable time to bring people together. There are information sessions, workshops, and practice sessions held every day in places like Clubhouse and Discord. They do this without pay and without bravado. They are simply supportive, engaged, and kind.

I've been very impressed by what I've witnessed and experienced since returning to this role. My past experience in radio broadcasting led me to explore voice-over as a freelancer. I began a side hustle in voice-over in 2005 but had to step away for several reasons. It was difficult to step away from my clients at that time and I wondered if I'd ever be able to revive the business. What I've discovered is a thriving community that is strong and well-connected. That didn't exist much in 2005. We didn't have internet engagements for the work as strongly as we do now. I'm pleased to see so many people make it so far since that time. I'm glad to have rejoined them and hope to see this type of support for each other continue indefinitely.

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